Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby shopping

I was frustrated so when my husband left 4 work 2day ( weve been arguing), so i decided 2 go 2 the shop near our house.
Its just 2 min walk 2 there alhamdulillah
It a really small shop with some baby clothes, housewear, and a little bit of normal clothes for outside ( shirts,..)
I already knew what i wanna buy be4 i went there :D
I saw it the last time and we didnt bought it bcz its for baby from 6 - 9 months,
so its a bit big.
But its so cute and cheap that i decided 2 buy it 2day.
I payd 24 pound which is about 3,5 euro i think. Thats really cheap, in germany i would have payd at least 10 - 15 euro for it bcz its new and from disney :)

I made ticker for this Blog 2, about my pregnancy cause i tend 2 4get which week iam in *shame* the ticker is in the sidebar 2 but 2 make it easier, here it is = Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

And this is the pic of my shopping result 2day :)

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