Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wahshteny awi ya ummi ( i miss u so much my mother)

Ya mama i miss u so much 2day

I wish i could just sit with u and talk 2 u about anything like we used 2 do.
I wish i could tell u about all my problems and get a hug from u. I wanna tell u all the things i cant tell u bcz i dont want u 2 worry about me. I need ur advice ya mama. What would u do if u were in my place?
I feel lonly without u, bcz u r the only person in this world who loves me unconditional!

I know we havent been this close always and u dont know how happy iam that we are able 2 hug each other now and talk like friends, something we couldnt do when i was younger.
Its so sad that we are so far from each other just now when our connection became better n better.
I know i havent been a good daughter always, i made u so much problems when i was a teenager and i mad ur life so hard. Im truly sorry for it and i wish i could make it up 2 u. Now i will be a mother myself soon, i just wish u were here with me and help me with all those little things that u know better than me.

Its breaking my heart that i cant be near u and take care of u, give u that little presents i used 2 bring u and cook for u. U dont know how hard it was for me 2 leave when i see u still struggle with ur injury. I swear if u were here i would do anything 2 make life easier for u, just as tryd when i was there after ur accident.
I just want u 2 be as happy as possible, and i wish u wil be happy even iam far from u.
I wish for u that u will find a lot of new people that u can spend ur time with, that u find something that makes u really happy, maybe find love.
U deserve it more than anyone else that i know, bcz u always give and do everything for the people around u while never asking for anything back.
I truly dont know a person that is as strong and loving as u are.

Bahbek Mama
I love u...Ich hab dich lieb mama

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