Friday, March 5, 2010

How 2 win the heart of ur husband

I heard a lesson about this topic and found it very intresting
Though i dont agree 2 all points, i think it can be very helpfull
And its a good reminder of things that most woman know anyway

1. Make ur house a place he likes 2 be at
That means it should be clean when he comes home and it should smell good.

2. Smile when he comes home and welcome him, tell him that u missed him
It will make him feel good 2 be back home
Offer him something 2 drink and give him time 2 get down after the work before u start 2 talk about ur problems..which leeds to point 3

3. Wait 4 the right moment 2 talk about problems
Dont do it when hes doing something and u know he dont wanna be disturbed
( might be a football game or anything else)
Try 2 be calm, also when u think its his fault and discuss it with him in a good way

4. Dont talk bad about his family
Even when hes mad at them, he will stil not accept that u say anything bad about them.
Even if its true what u say, its better not 2 say it.
Just try 2 ignore these kinda things and try 2 not talk about themat all if u dont like them.

5. Practise ur religion
He will appreciate if his wife is intrested in practising her religion and it will help him 2 do the same. Like when its prayer time, ask him kindly 2 come 2 pray.
Remind him in a good way, when he does smething which isnt really islamic ( like swearing) He will respect u 4 it, if hes a true muslim

6. Do the things he likes
If he likes a certain dish, do it regulary 4 him.
If he likes a certain parfum, wear it 4 him.
Make ur hair the way he likes it the most.
That doesnt mean its always about him, but if u try 2 do the things he likes and avoid the things he dislikes he will propably do the same and he will love u more 4 it..Sometimes males are so easy 2 please just by making the cake he loves or wearing the dress he likes so much on u

7. Try 2 obey him
I know this is a hard one, and i struggle 2 do it.
Like if he asks u 2 make tea, or 2 bring him something.
Just do it, its not such a big thing and Allah asked us 2 obey our husbands.
It doesnt mean 2 obey in anyhting against islam cause hats haram. But if he asks u 4 something ( like plz put my moble 2 charge) do it 4 him without asking why and acting as if its a big burden. After some time he will appreciate it 4 sure.
And it will make him look at u in a different way cause it shows him that u love him and dont mind 2 do small ( or bigger( things 4 him.

8. Do him small favours without him asking.
Like bring him tea when hes watching tv or bring him some fruit that u cut 4 him.
It just shows ur love 2wards him and u will get a big reward from Alah for dong more than ur duty 2wards ur husband.
And dont u love it when ur husband does those things 4 u? Like when he brings u the chocolate u like without u even asking him 4 it. Its just a nice thing 2 do, 4 muslims and non muslims.

There r so much more things, but this is what i remember and what i think about this topic.
Iam trying 2 keep the points as good as i can, but its tough sometimes. Especially when u r unhappy with ur life bcz than its hard 2 make someone else happy.
But iam trying, not only 4 my husbands sake, but also 4 the reward ill get from Allah.
May Allah bless all married couples and make it easy 4 them. Ameen

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Jaz said...

Nice post!! I like the way you put it, its a good reminder for us all.

BTW, When I go onto your blog it tries to redirect me everytime to some ad site or something.