Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being pregnant

Iam now pregnant 28 weeks and its getting really annoying :)
Not that i dont love my baby and iam happy 2 have him but the side effects are really making me tired.
Recently my stomach got so big, its scary :S
I just avoid watching myself in the mirror as i see myself just looking fat n not atractive at all.
Im dreaming about the time when i can again do sports
go running
go skating
go riding
walk a long time without panting :)
sleep as i like without someone kicking me if he doesnt like the position :)
when i dont have this cravings anymore ( sugar,sugar,sugar..i want it all the time)

I simple miss 2 see myself as a woman and to wear nice clothes.
When i see those lovly clthes i was able 2 wear be4 the pregnancy i could cry :S
But inshallah i will work hard after it 2 get into them again.
And i cant wait 2 hold my baby in my arms :)

2 all the mothers out there: How much weigth did u gain in pregnancy?


Anonymous said...

I gained 13 kg the first pregnancy and 30 the second one,I continued to skate, bike etc,anything you did before you can do during if you are having a normal pregnancy.So I was in shape,lost all the weight in 3 months.


Mimisha said...

i gained about 8 kg til now and iam scared ill gain much more as i got so much cravings 4 chocolate :S
But u make me hope that ill loose it again fast, thx :)

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Ice cream, pastries, chocolate, cookies, I just want to eat them everyday. Well, i did for a few months and gained 26 pounds lol. Now I am sad to say I can no longer have sweets until the baby is born =(
Well, I might sneak a few sweets here and there without my husband knowing heheh