Monday, March 29, 2010

A Walk to remember..

Since i decided to be more active and not sit in the house all day, depending on my husband, i feel much better.
2day i took a walk 2 discover my neighbourhood.
The most intresting thing for me are the street cats :D
I love them and i wish i could just sit down and pet them. But as am pregnant i stay a bit away from them. When iam not pregnant anymore i will for sure do it again, though i would only do it if no one see me cause the egyptian don t understand if u r nice 2 street cats.
While i was walking i passed by some shops n decided 2 by onion.
Wrong decision!
The guy who sold the vegetables was very local and i discovered my arabic isnt good enough 2 understand him :S
I told him " ayza wahid kilo basil" ( i want 1 kilo onion)
What i forgot is that onion means basal n not basil, so he didnt understood me until i showed him what i wanted. He asked me if iam syrian cause i didnt understood most of what he said :D
Actually i felt really embarrased that i wasnt able 2 communicate with him :(
When i lived in alex i was able 2 buy vegetables and the shopkeeper understood me always. But he wasnt that local i guess.
Conclusion: Study more arabic..especially the pronounciation!
Alhamdulillah buying some chipsy in another shop went well and i understood the shopkeeper. But that wasnt hard anyway as i just asked "bekam?" ( how much does it coast)
and his answer "setta wo noss" ( 6,5) wasnt hard 2 understand either, alhamdulillah :)

A bit blurry but the way he ( or she?) is looking me was just worth a pic