Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fire... :S

I wanted 2 post some more on egypt but im not really in the mood right now.
Just some min ago i was sitting withmy husband on the bed when we both smelled something burning. My hubsnad was even saying it might be a bruning machine somewhere.
But when i watched out of the window i could see what it was..
Right next 2 us is a free place where someone started 2 build a house but obviously run out of money so he let the place as it is.
I could already see the fire over he wall ( and the wall is 2 metre high!)
My husband ran outside right away and informed our landlord ( who is living above us).
Alhamdulillah they could stop the fire 2gether with some neighbours.
But it really scared me like hell :S
What if we slept at the time? The fire could have taken over very soon and harm us ( or even kill us, audhubillahi mina shaytan nirageem)

I believe that Allah wanted 2 show us that we can die any time, no one is secure of this!
Only 2 months ago there was a fire in the house of my in laws and i dont get what it is that we have so much 2 do with fire these days?
I mean in all my life i never had anything 2 do with this kinda fire. I didnt even saw a big fire in my Life.
And now in 2 months im in contact with it 2 times. Should i worry now? :S

Ya Rab protect us all from the bad things and give us the chance 2 be better muslims before we die!


deppy said...

OHHHH baby I'm sorry,I had same incident 8 years ago, and it happened twice in one month as well, and I was the one who discovered it alhmadolelah it passed :(

may allah protect you all, and keep you from any harm :(

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